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Libra Co-Creator’s VC Firm Co-Leads $12M Round in ‘Decentralized GitHub’

In retrospect, it was inevitable: A team of blockchain developers has forked GitHub and come up with a system for collaborating on open source software. There’s even a decentralized finance (DeFi) twist. Announced Thursday, Radicle, a fully decentralized code repository, has raised $12 million in funding, integrated its peer-to-peer network with Ethereum and launched the […]Read More


Valid Points: Ethereum 2.0 Validators Earn Record $1.2M

“The biggest risk for Ethereum is that it could end up like the Concorde.” That’s Lyn Alden, a renowned investment strategist, who wrote a blog post a few weeks back reviewing the Ethereum protocol from an investor’s perspective.  In her post, Alden points out that one of the biggest risks for the value of ether […]Read More