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Bitcoin Bull Flag Suggests Price Will Explode Beyond $70,000

A classic technical indicator suggests that Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap, would become more valuable than it already is. $70,000 Next? Dubbed as Bull Flag, the chart pattern forms when an asset consolidates downwards for a brief period after undergoing a massive price surge. It looks like a downside-sloping channel, denoted by […]Read More


3 Charts Show Why Bitcoin Price is Poised to Explode

Bitcoin looks poised to reach fresh price highs according to a flurry of crucial on-chain indicators. Analyst Willy Woo listed signals that showed an uptick in bitcoin trading activities across the US cryptocurrency exchanges. For instance, a metric that measures the total available BTC balance on trading platforms alerted an ongoing decline in reserves. It […]Read More


Bitcoin sets $28,600 ATH as institutional fund inflows explode

Bitcoin casually breached $28,500 this morning, setting a new all-time high after breaking its previous $19,800 ATH level last month. The move came amidst new narratives spinning for the volatile asset, such as its further positioning as a “digital gold” and an American bank stating it was “too big to fail.” casual new ATH, nbd$BTC […]Read More


JPMorgan explains how easy it is for Bitcoin’s market cap

2020 has been a year of Bitcoin adoption. On the retail side, PayPal has launched crypto-asset trading while Bitcoin itself has seen widespread coverage by the world’s media. On the institutional side, Wall Street service providers have begun to service corporations and funds with custody and execution solutions. But according to JPMorgan, Bitcoin can see […]Read More