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Retail Traders Sue Robinhood Over Meme Stock Restrictions

Retail traders in two U.S. states sued Robinhood Markets Thursday over its decision to prevent buy orders on GameStop and other so-called “meme stocks” swept up in the Reddit-fueled trading frenzy. The separate suits slam Robinhood over a decision that had immediate repercussions for impacted shares. GameStop, which had been soaring for days on short […]Read More


Bitcoin Retail FOMO Brings a Heap of ‘Kimchi Premium’ to

The “kimchi premium” has returned. Price premiums for bitcoin on South Korean exchanges have hit two-year highs, indicating retail investment interest in cryptocurrencies is surging in that country. However, analysts and traders warn that certain market players could take advantage of arbitrage opportunities, resulting in short-term price volatility. The “kimchi premium,”  named for a popular […]Read More


Bitcoin logs $28,000 all-time high, but there’s no retail interest

Bitcoin prices zoomed to $28,000 last week, but one key element of the market remains missing. Where’s the retail at? Data suggests a critical driver of the cryptocurrency market from 2017 is yet to step into the vicious realms of the infamous, volatile, and oft-excruciating space. Analytics service skew tweeted Sunday that “retail interest hasn’t […]Read More